Monday, June 16, 2008

Yankees Strike Out

" I got a Lis Franc injury when slipping on the peanut strewn floor of a bar on 23rd street when I was 18," says Dr. Alphonso.

" It is painful, annoying, and takes forever to heal. It did keep me out of the Army, although my alcohol problem might have served the same purpose."

" They didn't have protective boots in those days, so I just hopped around on one leg. That's when another barfly told me that the warm weather in South Mexico could be a help."
That, in addtion, to cheap tequila and cactus-based body rubs.

"I am told by my Mexican Amigos that I once kept my injured foot in a bucket of Mexican cow manure for three days, after which I could walk anywhere. I did lose some of my speed, however."

Neither Chin nor Bruney will be following that therapy. Both will soon be tossing hacky-sacks to each other, while sitting in chairs.
This season is over for the Yanquis if Brian or Hank initiate a trade to fill this Lis Franc gap.

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