Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Justian Christian's MLB career batting average is .500

Unfortunately, so is his fielding average.


If he keeps this up, according to Baseball Reference projections, over a 162-game season, Christian will have 162 doubles and 324 RBIs, both of which will be new all-time records!

Not to mention the .500 batting average would be pretty decent, too.

And yet-- big statistics alert here -- it's not the best BA he's ever achieved.

You want stats? Goddammit, we'll give you stats.

In 2004, playing for the Gulf Coast League Yankees, over 3 games, Justin batted .571.

Over his 5-year minor league career, he has stolen 191 bases, an 85 percent rate of success.

He has been intentionally walked 3 times.

His first year, playing 2B, he made 24 errors.

Yankee Employee of the Month for June?

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Anonymous said...

Luckily, this Christian rookie is only about 30 years old. Another of our 1.5 tool, "can't miss" prospects with high ceilings ( who can have a higher ceiling than Jesus, by the by)?

This Christian is Andy Phillips
( whom we shall be seeing at Shea stadium this weekend in a Mets' uniform )with more foot speed and less bat.

This guy reminds me of my best friend's first day at Columbia Business School....... A guy comes up to her and introduces himself, " Hi there. I'm Christian ."

"Glad to meet you," she said. "I'm Jewish."