Tuesday, June 24, 2008

One less Redsock fan today

And he didn't interview Death.

Daniel Rubin ain't a marchin' anymore.

"How do I renounce my citizenship in Red Sox Nation?

"I've been a member for so long I could still fill out a scorecard for the 1964 team. (Mantilla, Bressoud, Yaz . . .) I've rooted as my hometown nine went from bottom-dwelling to heart-breaking to dominating.

"Now I want out."

Sadly, Rubin's message of sanity will surely be shouted down by the Fox News/CNN mainstream media jackals. One would think a public statement such as this would make the network TV newscasts. Think again.

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Anonymous said...

A guy who doesn't like winning? Sorry pal, you're a true Sox fan for life!

By the way, did you guys know the Oriole beat writer for the Baltimore Sun is named Peter Schmuck? That's even worse than J.J. Putz! Best part is, he looks like a Schmuck.