Sunday, June 15, 2008

Five in the Loss Column

That's what Suzyn noted this afternoon.

Five behind in the loss column.

Four wins in a row.

Four over .500.

And now we have the greatest honor of all: The honor of showing all the naysayers (yes, that's you, Alphonso) exactly what kind of blue steel this Bomber team is made of -- the honor of losing a great pitcher like Chien-Ming Wang... and not even blinking.

Dan Giese... your cape awaits you!

Or maybe Jeff Marquez is the answer. He pitched 7 shutout innings today at Scranton -- a day after Dan McCutchen threw a six-hit shutout.

Alan Horne is back and pitching at Scranton. We might have a miniature cavalry on the way, and the hell with Ian Kennedy and Phil Hughes.

Plus, don't forget the Mexican Man of Mystery, Alfredo Aceves, whose ERA at Trenton is 2.00. We signed him off the dirt tracks last winter, he blew through Tampa, and he'll soon be in Scranton. Linquini Alfredo, anyone?


BernBabyBern said...

Boy, that type is BIG!

Duque's gettin' excited about this team.

If the type gets any bigger, I'm going to need a new monitor for the computer.

Anonymous said...


See note to Yankeetorial.

We have won our last game.