Sunday, April 18, 2021

Boone's Presser

 The TV coverage today was from Uzbekistan, I think.  So the on air version of Boone's assessment did not appear.

Here is what happened;

Reporter:  The Yankees had three hits.  You have one of the most feared line-ups in baseball.  right? 

Aaron :  Of course.  And anyone who thinks they won't hit is smoking dope. They will hit.  You know they will hit.  Adversity is upon us now, and we just have to face it and overcome it. When they start hitting, you won't ask me that question.

Reporter:  What kind of year do you project for Giancarlo?  I mean, you are batting him clean-up and he is hitting .167. 

Aaron: He will hit 50.  You wait and see. His strikeouts are near misses.  If he starts connecting, and he will, we are going to be fine. There is only an inch or two between swinging at air and hitting exit velocity of 120mph.

Reporter:  What is your assessment of Clint Frazier as an outfielder?  What did he have in mind when he threw that " no where" ball to the pitcher's mound, allowing Tampa to get another runner in scoring position?

Aaron:  He was thinking of throwing the guy out.  

Reporter:  Which guy?

Aaron: One of them.

Reporter;  Do you feel you left Cole in too long?  How desperate are you?

Aaron:  I did leave him in too long.  I am shitting my pants.  We can't win for losing.  This team is showing itself to be awful.  But I can't say any of that in public. 

Reporter:  Why are you giving Odor an unlimited run at second base, whereas you never gave Tyler Wade ( or Estrada ) more than two games in a row, even when they did well?

Aaron:  He got a big contract once.  Even though we aren't paying it.  And we make choices based upon money paid, not talent. Why the fuck do you think Stanton is in the line-up?

Reporter:  How is German doing in the alternative site?

Aaron:  Well he isn't in jail. 



HoraceClarke66 said...

Alphonso, as usual, you have struck at the root of the matter.

Ragnar once got a big contract. He hit 30-plus home runs. Therefore he is now a good player, and will be trusted over anyone who has not yet achieved those milestones. Forever and ever, amen.

Anonymous said...

As Booney predicts in this imaginary press conference, let's just assume that Stanton hits 50 home runs this year. He does nothing else except strikeout, maybe draw a walk, if a little lucky. So, even if the 50 home runs are distributed amongst 50 games, there are 162 minus 50 games, or 112 games where he did not hit a home run. Most of those 112 games, he contributed little or nothing offensively. Out of the 50 games where he did homer, we only win 30 of those games, at best. And those 30 games are the ones where we faced lousy pitching, where inexperienced opposing pitchers were making mistakes right over the middle of the plate. And in those 30 games, our other right handed sluggers also hit many of their home runs. Because they have basically the same approach as Stanton. So, to make a long story short, we scored the vast majority of our run total for the year in those 30 games. Logic question here, where does that leave our record overall?

I'd say, about 40-122 for the season. Okay, if I'm kind, maybe it's more like 50-112 or even 60-102. Regardless of the exact total, an all or nothing lineup is going to be a losing lineup. No one hits home runs with regularity, like clockwork. Home runs mostly happen against bad pitching and mistakes. Feast or famine. Take away the mistakes, and against good pitching, particularly righty pitchers against our righty lineup, there's precious few home runs coming in that subset of 132 games.

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