Monday, April 12, 2021

John: That was a big Yankee win.

 Big one. 


HoraceClarke66 said...

Higgy now has 6 HRs in his last 56 regular season plate appearances—7 in 75, if you count his outstanding playoffs last year.

Just surprised Brain hasn't sold him off for "cash considerations."

Leinstery said...

Cash considerations. I used to follow Mets twitter around the trade deadline and it was always the same jokes about cash considerations. The Wilpons were so broke or worse, cheap, that they basically traded away players to pay their bills.

Gentleman, the worst has come true. The Yanks have become the Mets. 40 years from now Yankee fans will have to endure jokes about Aaron Hicks day as Mets fans have Bobby Bonilla. Abandon ship. Or at least hang on until they trade the home run stroka.

Anonymous said...

You have to respect Aaron Hicks and Stanton declining to play because of their heartbreak over the death of someone.
Hopefully they can overcome their grief and play tonight.

Anonymous said...

Yes, big win generated by people who actually wanted to play
The Archangel