Friday, April 9, 2021

Who Is the Real Viking Legend?

 From the mind of HoraceClarke66, whose computer is the Zolio Almonte of laptops...

Enough with all this nonsense about voting on what is the greatest Yankees (and therefore, baseball) team ever!  

Time to vote on who is the real Viking hero of the sagas, Ragnar Lothbrok, or Lodbrok, or something that means (I'm not making this up) "Ragnar Shaggy Breeches."  (He sacked Paris!  Baltimore will be a piece of cake!)

You be the judge!  Is our winner:

Ragnar Lodbrok, from the movie Vikings:


Ragnar Lothbrok, from the TV version of Vikings:


Rougned Odor, from the Texas Rangers? New York Yankees.


Vote early and often!



Anonymous said...

Uh... you missed one.

Tarvold aka Johnny Drama

Please add him and fix this egregious error.

Doug K.

Alphonso said...

He is described as "one of the worst baseball players in the game. "

Rangers cold have gotten a better deal if they haggled at all. But they just wanted to be " rid of this plague," ( apologies to Covid ).

I hope this blows up loud and fast.

It is now embarrassing to wear a Yankee hat.

Anonymous said...

Ernie Borgnine wins hands down. He slew people without the aid of magic mushroom and did not worry about his legacy.

ranger_lp said...

Travis Fimmel who plays Ragnar in the tv series has a serious resemblance to Derek Jeter. He’s got my vote...

HoraceClarke66 said...

Good call, Doug! But was there ever a picture of Johnny in "Viking Quest"? (Surprise cult hit in Europe, if I recall.)

HoraceClarke66 said...

And you're right, ranger: If there is ever "The Derek Jeter Story," this guy should play him.

Anonymous said...


Yes, go to the url I put in my first comment and scroll down. There are a couple of good ones. From "Comic Con"


Doug K.

HoraceClarke66 said...

Thanks, Doug—and dig the horns!