Sunday, April 18, 2021

Can The Yankees Be Fixed?


As we continue to descend into the depths of despair our hope, instead of springing eternal, has sprung a leak. 

Our crack management team of Hal, Brain, and Aaron (see photo above) sadly, aren’t the plumbers we need. 

That said...

Here are three things that need immediate attention divided into:

What We Want.

What They Can Actually Do.

What They Will Do.


Let’s start with an easy one.

#1 Stop Putting Guys Out There Who Don’t Belong On The Team

Shemp is Shemp. You can live with him but your not going to win any championships.


No disrespect to Joe Besser (I mean who didn’t like him as Stinky on the Abbot and Costello Show) but he ain’t a Stooge.  If you see him in the title card a sense of dis-ease sets in before frame one.  

Likewise with the Yankee line up. Jay Bruce and Odor were both fine players at one time but they ain’t Yankees.

What We Want

Both gone.  

Gleyber back at second and a trade for, at at a minimum, a strong defensive shortstop.  DJ holds down first until Voit returns and then returns to his original role. Roving All-Star.

What They Can Actually Do

Both gone. Bring up Gittens and move DJ to second.

What They Will Do

Bruce gone.  

#2  The Team Lacks Fire

Teams consciously or not take on the personality of their managers. Boone is too mellow. They need a manager that kicks their butts.  We need “The Cheese!”

What We Want    

Boone fired and replaced by a motivator.

What They Could Do  

Boone fired and replaced by a motivator.

What They Will Do   

Nothing. Although if the Yankees fail to make the coveted Wild Card he might be done. 

#3  Fix the Outfield

Frazier isn’t getting the steady playing time he needs to develop. Hicks is useless as a hitter. Stanton isn’t even allowed to play out there.  It’s insane.  

What We Want 

Hicks and Stanton both need to go.  Take the sunk cost and trade Stanton for a CF who can hit. Trade Hicks. (How about for a defense first, no hit shortstop – that seems fair.)  

What They Can Do

Trade Hicks. Give CF to Tauchman in the short term. Give LF to Frazier. Have Gardy as a sub playing center and left. So on offense we’d still have a non factor – but at least we’d stop pretending.  The OF defense would be fine. The IF defense would be better.

What They Will Do



To sum up...

Can The Yankees Be Fixed? Of course.

Will the Yankees be fixed? 

Let's ask the boys...



Mike said...

Forget the cheese; buy a truckload of Wild Hyacinth perfume and wave it under every nose in that dugout...and do it before Besser becomes DeRita.

Anonymous said...


Good one.

Doug K.

HoraceClarke66 said...

Brilliant, Duque. Simply brilliant.

Joe Formerlyof Brooklyn said...

I already know that I'm not very smart. But for the life of me, I can't imagine why they haven't shed Stanton already.

He's a bad-hitting DH. That's it. Yeah, if you dump him, you eat tens of millions of dollars.

Is that worse than keeping him on the roster?

I guess the answer is: Keeping him on the roster is the default response . . . at least until NYY fans STOP going to ballgames, STOP listening or watching them -- and we all turn our backs on them.

I'm not sure I can do that. This is a huge part of me, going back decades.Heck, I can't even stop coming to this blog, now can I?

On the other hand, if the alternative is to become a fan of the Mets, I can easily NOT do that.


JimmyEatsHotDogs said...

Your evaluation makes too much sense! :)

Anonymous said...

Well, look on the bright side, we now own the #2 overall draft selection in the 2022 MLB Draft. Let the countdown commence and start rooting for the Rockies!!
The Archangel