Tuesday, April 20, 2021

Should Yankee fans believe their eyes?

Yesterday, Cooperstown Cashman emerged from his subterranean  salt cavern to channel the Derek Chauvin defense team.

He said Yank fans should discard what we've seen. Our eyes deceived us. The last three weeks were a mirage. The Yankees didn't really stick Jay Bruce at 1B, then replace him with an odious Rangers castoff. Our winter acquisitions, heralded all spring, haven't looked overmatched, and our defense is not Trenton quality. 

Disregard what we've seen. It didn't happen. 

Yeesh. I dunno anymore. But what if they're right. Could Dominion be running the scoreboards? What if, whenever the Yankees score, their machine awards the run to the opposition?  That would explain everything. Because in early March, we looked awesome. Domingo German, Clint Frazier... even Bruce! Then, around the Ides, something changed. The switch flipped. Our bats went silent. Nothing since has worked. The Yankees have gone from the AL favorite to the woeful second worst record in the game. It doesn't make sense. Is it fixed? Because it all seems too clean, too scripted... too rigged.

Yeah, rigged. Suddenly, it's all roses for Boston. Second best record in MLB, a lineup of hitters - J.D. Martinez, Rafael Devers and Xander Bogaertes - solid starters and and a young pitcher named Garret Whitlock. (Note: They selected him in the Rule 5 draft, because the Yankees didn't protect him. You have to wonder... why?) 

Is this another rigged season? Will they win their fifth - fucking fifth! - world championship this century? This June, they'll draft fourth - fucking fourth!  They have all their money to spend - no Giancarlo; where's their Giancarlo? - and their farm club, decimated by deals in the late teens, is now ranked ahead of us - (they're 19th, we're 20th) by Baseball America. 

(Note: Baltimore is 7th, Toronto 4th and Tampa is said to have MLB's best system and top prospect, Wander Franco. This is, in essence, a Rays' rebuilding year. How does this happen?) 

After Boston (11-6), the Rays (9-8) sit in second, 4 games out. Baltimore (7-9) and Toronto (7-9) have slogged, though the Jays kicked us around last week, and Baltimore gets its shot next week. The Yankees (5-10) are now seven games behind Boston.

We keep telling ourselves... it's early. I'm not so sure, anymore. Something's wrong. You get hopeful, we load the bases, and then Giancarlo, or Judge, or Hicksy, or Gary - it doesn't matter, does it? - strides to the plate. 

Are we really seeing this?


JM said...

We're not playing up to our potential, Brain sez. Well, that's true. Hicks has never played to his potential. Sanchez has some potential issues. Stanton is not hitting up to his potential. Neither is Clint. Or Torres. And 60% of our rotation isn't pitching to its potential, although two of those guys may not have much potential at this point.

Yes, we are just not playing like the team we COULD be, were everyone to play like the '98 Yankees and come through every time. Of course, the rub is that this team is not capable of playing like that team. And all that potential--what if it wasn't/isn't there to start with?

Anonymous said...

Seeing is believing, most of the time.

The Hammer of God

TheWinWarblist said...

It would only be early if this team didn't suck.

Celerino Sanchez said...

This team is 39-37 over the last 2 years. As Bill Parcels said "You are what you are"

Scottish Yankee fan said...

Reminds me of a quote from Groucho Marx

' Who are you going to believe me or your own eyes? '

Anonymous said...


It's "You are what your record says you are"

So they stink. :)

Doug K.

Anonymous said...

Re: Boston

We are five games back and four in the loss column.

So they still stink. :)

Doug K.

Ken of Brooklyn said...

So, according to Cashman's latest interview, as long as the Yankees keep reaching the playoffs, we as fans have nothing to complain about. If missing the playoffs is the only way to bring about significant change, then this year (Urrrrggggggg!) I'm all for it,,