Sunday, April 18, 2021

Win Or Lose....

After today's game....regardless of the outcome......our utility infielder/outfielder, and powerhouse, Jay Bruce is going to retire. 

Most of the world has to slog their way to 65 to do this, and Bruce will slip onto the golf course at the still-randy age of 34 ( we think ). 

One may ask why?

He is actually hitting better than Giancarlo Stanton.  Is the "G" man also contemplating retirement? True, the G man is a couple of years younger ( though he sure doesn't play like it ), but he is stroking .167, leads the team in wasted RISP, and struck out three times yesterday.  

And above all, Stanton plays no position.  Bruce is lousy at first and slow in the outfield.  But that is better than a guy with no glove for any spot. 

To my mind, we are losing the wrong guy.  Well, one of them., anyway.

If anyone represents this 2021 Yankee team, it is you.  Enjoy those well earned days of peace and recreation. 

Thank you , Jay.  For your time and effort. 

Let the changeover begin. 


Anonymous said...

Trade everyone with a pulse for whatever prospect you can find. Keep JD, Cole, Higgy, and some of the relievers.
Suck like the Pirates/O's for this year. Draft in the top 3 for 2022, which is supposed to be a much better draft class than this year.
Be the Jacksonville Jags of MLB.
To those eternal optimists amongst us who hope for a brighter future, I suggest one of my favorite sites, "Prospects 365" to see what teen dream we can draft with the worts record in the AL next draft.
The Always Positive Archangel.
God Bless Us Everyone

Anonymous said...

Jay Bruce was a quality major League for quite some time. Probably broke down at 34 cuz there is no evidence that he was a juicer; i.e., notice his rather normal physique compared to say, Clemons, Bonds, Stanton,(formerly known as "Mike.") and Sosa.
Our disdain for him was what the Yankees did to him, not what he did to us Yankee fans. We knew by the middle of ST that he could no longer be a MLB batter, let alone field.
Good Luck to you Jay.

HoraceClarke66 said...

I'd go for that, Archie—but can we possibly expect Brain Cashman to draft anyone of worth?

Alphonso said...

Horace is right. We need new drafters. Our idea of a hot new talent is Roughed Odor.