Tuesday, April 27, 2021

The Maginot Line

 I jotted down these random rants after the game ended ( okay, a few during the fucking game ):

1.  The yankees cannot win if they give up two runs.  That is our Maginot Line.  And, I might note, just as effective as the real one.

2.  I am sick of hearing about Dievi Garcia as " the Yankees best pitching prospect."  If he is, we are so screwed.  Every time he pitches he gives up a quick homer, and then a few more runs. He was lucky it was the lead-off guy, or it would have been a 2, 3 run deficit immediately...just as in the playoffs, need I remind anyone.  

The " little Pedro" only lives up to the first part of that nickname.  Get used to it. 

3.  Did Mike King die?  He pitched the best 6 innings of any Yankee ( in relief ); then pitched another three shut out innings ( struggle, but still no runs ); then disappeared.  Who loaded him onto a fast bound freight to Mexico?

4.  How do we evaluate our Marcus Thames now?  Why isn't the " hitting " coach taking a fall?  He only gets credit when the hitters look good? No accountability for failure?  Thats the Yankee way.

5.  Kay and Cone made a big deal ( mostly Kay ) about how the Yankees had won 18 straight games at Camden...until the end of Covid season, when we lost three straight there.  Now it is four straight and counting....

6.  "Watching the Yankees is boring."  This came out of Cone more than once.  I found myself nodding in agreement, as I had been switching to 'Life Below Zero" re-runs as soon as the first Yankee swung and missed, each inning.

7.  Duque is right.  How can Frazier hit when he is balancing on one foot, looking backwards, and flipping his bat like a metronome?  Simple answer;  he can't. 


Carl J. Weitz said...

Most hitting coaches in MLB could not, themselves, hit well. I get it that any good hitter probably made more than enough money to have to coach for 7-8 months a year. Perhaps they should be paid more money, closer to what managers make. They are as important in my opinion. But the Yankees? Their approach is much like The Bloated Front Office: Hire more than needed (2) and either reward mediocrity or never hold them accountable. Imagine that....a hitting coach needs an assistant!

I bet Thames blames P. J. Pelletier and he gets the boot.

Matt P. said...

Does anyone care that the Yanks only have 1 game in the last 11 where they had over 6 friggin hits? Their lineup has 5 hitters hitting under .200 each night and ONE above .250!! We are 22 games in, the sample size is getting larger and with 3 hits last night, the averages are still declining. And I'm tired of "the team will eventually hit" garbage. This is a historically bad start and yes, I agree, someone has to be held accountable.

Consider this. Teams became analytical because they couldn't match the Yankees talent and payroll. The Yankees, who won despite that, are matching the new era of analytics AT THE EXPENSE of their talent and stooping to AAAA level teams' strategy. Why? Free their minds of spread sheets! Let them hit using their god given talent!

We just lost and were shut down by Matt Harvey!!! How much lower can we go?!?!

JM said...

Matt Harvey is no Paul Harvey.

And now you know the rest of the story. Good day.

Anonymous said...

I don't know why Frazier changed his batting stance. He looks like he is about to do a pirouette, with one foot balanced on one toe. Whose nutty idea was this? He needs to go back to his old stance pronto.

Re. Deivi Garcia, I think these are growing pains. There are few pitchers who come in to the majors and are great right away. Most of them go through a seasoning process of several years before they become dependable and consistent. I can wait. Keep throwing him out there. He's no worse than Kluber or Taillon.

The Hammer of God

ranger_lp said...

Mike King did not die. Garcia was sent to the Alternative Site. King was recalled from the Alternative Site.

Wonder if they play Alternative Music there?

HoraceClarke66 said...

Lower still, Matt P.

I agree with the Hammer: what is the sense of sending down Deivi—again? Toches afn tics! This is the time to see what everyone has. I'm glad Mike King is back, but why call up your biggest prospect, seem him do...okay...and then send him back down? What were you expecting?

HoraceClarke66 said...

As for Marcus Thames...do we really believe that anyone at all with this team who is not named Steinbrenner is anything more than an extension of Brian Cashman?

Anonymous said...

In this years MLB, .200 is the new .300. Hello, 1968. Perhaps lower the mount by another couple of inches? It's ten inches high now. I bet eight inches would restore a lot of offense to the game.

Anonymous said...

Agreed that it's Cashman's customary ineptitude and cluelessness to send Garcia down. He looke pretty good, actually. And Frazier was hitting well for most of last year with the weird stance. I think the team has destroyed his confidence by jerking him out of the lineup every time he sneezes.

Rufus T. Firefly said...

Tauchman traded. Yogi Higashioka bats 8th. Well at least he was in the lineup.

Alphonso said...

I am willing, in an unexpected moment of generosity, to grant that Garcia might benefit from a year at AAA. The minor season hasn't even begun yet.

I am writing this at a moment when no one is likely to see this comment. But I'll have it on record in case Garcia ever becomes good.

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