Friday, April 9, 2021

Recent reports on Aaron Judge elevate Yankee threat levels

Here's the fossil record, originally noted by Mike Axisa on "RAB Thoughts" on Patreon. (Subscribe, dammit.)

Last three games of spring training: Judge sits out for unknown reasons. Later, it's suggested that he had Covid symptoms but tested negative. Threat Level: Green.

Monday: Judge leaves blowout in late innings to get a rest. Threat Level: Green.

Tuesday: Boone says Judge is dealing with "nothing specific." Threat Level: Yellow.

Wednesday: Judge pulled from lineup due to "general left-side soreness." He is said to be available to pinch hit, but doesn't. Threat Level: Orange.

Thursday: Off-day. Radio silence. Threat Level: Orange.

Tonight... ? Judge might miss weekend against Rays. RED?


Alphonso said...

You all know it is the oblique muscle.

He had made some awkward looking plays ( and non plays ) in the outfield, before Aaron sat him down, suggesting it hurt him to run and bend over.

So he may not get a part in the " Pirates of Penzance, " either, when the Yankees put on that show for Hal and Brian.
4-6 weeks and then another two weeks to round back into condition.

Alphonso said...

But we can put " foul " Odor in RF and pretend he is an outfielder waiting to happen.

Anonymous said...

In speaking of Judge, Boonie said, "I feel like he could probably play today,"and then stated that he would,"not define him as injured."
I guess that means that he is just not playing because….It is a day that ends in Y.
We need a kick ass manager not a California surfer. Jiminy Christmas, can Billy Martin's ghost just push Boonie down the dugout stairs or something.
The Archangel

Anonymous said...



Doug K.