Thursday, April 8, 2021

The Plan! The Plan!

 From the amazing HoraceClark66, (who needs a new laptop.)

On the play that lost our first battle for first place last night, I agree with everybody:


Yes, any ordinary first baseman—even Mike Ford!—woulda shoulda coulda had it.


And yes, on The Gleyber’s throw…WTF???


Well, anyone can have a bad game, especially in April. But yes, we should be alarmed that Gleyber, El Conquistador, has yet to drive in a run on the season, even after three games against his personal whipping boys, the Birds of Baltimore.


Thus far, he has looked exactly like he did through last year’s sad rump of a regular season: shaky in the field, and inexplicably bad at the plate.


Sure, sure give him time. But the trouble is, The Gleyber was “The Plan.”


Even Judge’s awesome 2017—how long ago that seems now!—came out of nowhere. The New Yankees Dynasty was going to be built around The Gleyber, the player even the Evil Genius Epstein admitted publicly that he hated to give up, a blood sacrifice necessary to finally get the Cubbies a trophy.


The Gleyber was going to be the shortstop of the future, in the shiny new Century of the Shortstop. He was going to make Derek Jeter look like some clanky old, retro Model T—an added bonus for Brain Cashman—with his phenomenal hitting and fielding.


Instead…in an MLB full of superstar shortstops, here we are looking at yet another mysterious Yankee flame-out, gone into a ditch on Sanchez Row right next to those other gorgeous, malfunctioning models:  the classic Judge, the Miggy, the, well, Ford.


What gives? I’d say, at this rate, pretty soon The Gleyber’s confidence, along with what’s left of his ability, though I hope not. 


Never forget, though, the mantra of the Brain’s would-be dynasty: Everybody gets hurt, no one gets better.


JimmyEatsHotDogs said...

As long as Torres plays out of position you can expect more of this type of play throughout the year. Yankees will need to sign a shortstop in the off season. So I guess there is no plan right now as long a Torres is the SS.

Anonymous said...


Yeah, the real errors are systemic. Relying on wishful thinking.

They are who they are and who they are might not be good enough. I've still got them for the division though.

As to your computer issues...

Don't know if you're a PC or Apple person but I picked up a Chrome Book for under $300 to travel with under the idea that if it got destroyed or stolen it would suck but wouldn't be devastating.

8 hour battery life and much lighter than my lap top.

I've come to really like it. Not so much for writing. (REAL writing) For that I still prefer Word over Google Docs. But for everything else including posting here and general web surfing etc. it's solid.

Cheap fix.

Might be worth it for you.

Doug K.

HoraceClarke66 said...

I appreciate the thoughts, Doug. I just have to get a new one. The trouble is that my system is very old. I was told that I could put everything on my computer—my entire life—on an exterior drive, put in a newer system, and reboot.

But seeing as how pretty much my entire life is now on this computer, I am reluctant to do this!

Kevin said...

From "Yankees manager Aaron Boone said he thought the soreness was from "general wear and tear" over the first few days of the season. He believes the discomfort might stem from when Judge took more swings than normal while serving as designated hitter on Sunday". "General wear and tear"? WTF???????????????!!!!!!!!!

Boone makes my ass crave boiling lead. Baseball managers who speak like politicians has gone way too far. Yeah, I know he's under orders. Couldn't the Yanks afford better speech writers?

Anonymous said...


All your files should be backed up anyway. I hope you do this.

Do you have a bunch of Wordperfect files and old stuff like that? or stuff on floppies and zip drives?

If this is about preservation of your writing...

What I ended up doing, particularly with what I wrote in the 80's was saving each file as a pdf. That way I didn't have to deal with the format issues. For the ones I couldn't, I printed and then scanned as a pdf.

It was a pain in the ass and it took me a while. I just got into the habit of doing it for 1/2 hour a day until I had them all.

Then back it all up! Once you've done that you can do the exterior drive thing secure that at least you have copies of everything you wrote.

If it's music and photos - a straight back up should work fine.

I feel for you though.

Doug K.

13bit said...

Hoss, if you're on a Mac of any kind, year or model, I can help you with backup, migration and maybe even fixing your current machine. As you may have heard, there are only two kinds of computer user - those who have suffered a catastrophic crash and those who are about to suffer one.

If you're not on a Mac, I can't do much. But I will offer thoughts and prayers...

HoraceClarke66 said...

I do back them up on said exterior drives. I'm just too scared to put it all to the test! :)

Anonymous said...

Tyler Wade is a very good defensive shortstop and could be a plus offensive player IF GIVEN ENOUGHT REPS AT THE ML LEVEL, which has never happened.

HoraceClarke66 said...

And hey, who has Kyle Holder now? Did he come back from Cincinnati? Inquiring minds want to know!