Saturday, April 10, 2021

Pre-Recorded Post Game Remarks

 So the game is over, and Aaron Boone shuffles into the " presser" for some post game comments.

I'm not going to watch it, because I already know what is there.  Aaron focused on the positives from the latest shut-out, and loss. 

Here is the gist:

"I thought Aaron moved well and swung the bat well.  He showed no effects of suffering from that damn left side soreness. He just needs to start hitting the ball somewhere there are no fielders..."

"It was good to see Gio back at third, after that Covid-symptom, sneak attack yesterday ( from his first vaccine shot ).  He may have looked a step slow on the pop-up down the line, but that was a long run. 

".... and, did I mention how tough it is to track fly balls and pop-ups in this baseball complex?  I mean take a look at the ceiling.  It is like viewing a series of over-sized cobwebs in a juicer, hanging upside down. Our guys just can't catch 'em."

" The bullpen today pitched great.  We practically shut them out " ( Note to Aaron;  they did ). 

" Domingo was missing his good stuff early, and his velo on that change-up was off.  But he battled and helped save the  bullpen."  

" He is making one mistake each outing with that home run ball. It is fucking demoralizing. Truthfully, as soon as Meadows hit that out, the game was over.  In retrospect, I mean." 

Aaron then makes a private aside ( " I hope he doesn't get too pissed off and start drinking after this shit...." ).  

"We still have a lot of confidence in Domingo."  

" In all of our starters, I mean to say."

As the presser was breaking up, Aaron responded to another throw-away question:  

.", I am not concerned that Gardy is our best hitter. Well aged wines are the best, too, aren't they?"


Mike said...

This is way better than anything Boone ever says, if only because you didn't start every third answer with "I mean, ..." I much prefer the Alphonso version. Thank you, sir.

Anonymous said...

Terrible game. All of the negative predictions here are coming to pass. A lopsided team full of sluggers who can only slug against the lousy pitching of teams like the Baltimore Orioles. We're going to be 2-16 against the Tampons this year. I think I'll just check the box score on the Yankee website after every game. Why waste time on these guys? Pathetic.

The Hammer of God

Scottish Yankee fan said...

Yankees option Domingo Germán to the Alternate Site after the game

Should have not been on the team in first place

13bit said...

We are going to be the turd in the punch bowl of the AL East.

And everyone on this blog is going to be drinking that punch.

Pray for them to come in last and for Hal to wake up and fire Brain.

Oasisdave said...

Sanchez lacking hustle again, Judge with the Deja-Vu oblique injury once again, Gleybar coating us in the field, and relying on starting pitchers trying to make a comeback sounds oh so typical Cashman. Gonna be another long year. We have no speed on the bases (at least that can stay healthy), and too much swinging for the fences. Really hate the way this team is constructed

Anonymous said...

The Yankees are becoming too pathetic to merit anyone's ridicule. Time to find a new team or a new hobby until Steinbrenner sells and/or Cashman is fired. For starters, try the fiction of the neglected master postwar novelist Richard Yates, especially "Revolutionary Road" and "Easter Parade."

celerino sanchez said...

It's shaping up to be another banner season for HOF GM Brian Cashman, and keep in mind he's made all of these moves while working on next to nothing for a salary budget. He kept Nick Nelson and his 8+ ERA and gave the Red Sox Garret Whitlock who has a 0 ERA and 8k in 5IP. He stole Jay Bruce or was it Jack Bruce, doesn't matter I guess, they both swing like dead men. He swindled the Pirates out of the Tallion (the Stallion) who will take over the roll of Big Game James Paxton this year, while Joe Musgrave another Pirate who was traded, and actually has thrown 100+ innings over the last few years pitches a NO-NO, but he doesn't have the correct spin rate or whatever to be a YANKEE. Finally there is Kluber, who by August may work his way up to working 5 innings a start. And of course he kept this juggernaut lineup together and added another guy who is more famous for hitting another player, than actually hitting a ball. As the saying goes, while the rest of MLB is playing checkers, Cashman is playing with himself.

Anonymous said...

Where's Tanaka?

HoraceClarke66 said...

Brilliant, Celerino!

JM said...



This is Domingo German, pitcher for a legendary baseball team that, let us charitably say, is down on its luck. Mr. German has great stuff, and an impressive spin rate, but has a glaring problem. Namely, getting actual batters out. Domingo German...a promising young baseball pitcher, confronting a nasty bump in his career. A bump that will shortly send him reeling...into the Alt Site Zone.

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