Friday, April 9, 2021

Is This The Arrow That Slays The Dragon?

 So Cashman sent two deep prospects ( one, now approaching 20 years old ) to acquire Roughened Odor. 

Odor was such a plague to the Rangers that they paid for everything to get rid of him. 

 " He is the worst player in major league baseball..."  cited one of his followers.  They  ( the Rangers ) bought his contract, his plane ticket, and an Uber car to get him out of town.

The guy can't hit and he can't field.  He makes Torres' glove look like Ozzie Smith.

"Odor is a bad seed and he stinks at everything.  There will be fights in the clubhouse within a week," stated yet another admirer. 

It is a panic move made by Cashman to fill a need Cashman created. 

Basically, Cashman went out and found a guy lying in the garbage, in an alley, dead drunk at 7:15 am, and suited him up.

"The price is right, " said Brian.  "And maybe we can rehabilitate that potential he once had...or people thought he had.  I mean, just putting on the pinstripes is like six years at Lourdes, right?"

Seriously, folks, this guy is named Odor for a reason.  It is not Odour or O'Door.  It is men's room at a bus station stink.  This is one guy who lives up to his name. 

I won't wear my Yankee hat because everyone knows we now traded for the worst player in the game, and are making up alibis to justify it. 

They should just put a wavy line on the back of his uniform, not a number. 

He should move in with Hal and his family for a while. Let them smell the work of their GM.

Holy shit !


Anonymous said...

"They should just put a wavy line on the back of his uniform, not a number. "

I want to take this sentence and use it to replace my weighted blanket on cold nights.


JM said...

A horrible man who should never desecrate the Yankee pinstripes. A new low for Cashman, just disgusting. And I'm holding back here.

Anonymous said...

What do you think his clubhouse nickname will be? I'm thinking "Rughead".

We should make predictions on whether he'll hit at least .200 or not with the Yankees. I predict he'll hit well under .200. My reasoning is that this guy was barely hitting .200 with the Texas Rangers for the last few years. Everyone who comes to the Yankees hits for a lower average (except DJ LeMahieu). His all or nothing approach will be richly rewarded and encouraged here with ample playing time. The more he strikes out, the more he'll play. So I think Odor will hit about .160 here.

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