Friday, April 16, 2021


Nick Nelson is starting for the Yankees today?

Is this a "designated starter" gambit?

Is German back in NYC?

Aaron has all the big guns in the line-up today except, of course, at second base.

Where we have no gun. 


Anonymous said...

No, Alphonso--it's called an "opener."

Platoni said...

Too bad these shenanigans are never an "eye opener."

Anonymous said...

Whatever this b/s is called, it sure worked out wonderfully, didn't it?

The Hammer of God

JM said...

Boone and Cashman got confused and thought Nelson was an opener, as in pitching. In fact, he's a can opener, well known in the clubhouse for his ability to open cans of beans, beer, Red Bull, and coconut milk with his front teeth.

Not an insignificant talent, to be sure, but of little use on the mound.