Monday, January 28, 2008

Cone forgiven for signing with Redsocks

David will be spewing color on YES this year, replacing the former Mr. Halle Barre and our new manager.

Evidently, the 7-year statute of limitations has ended on Cone's 2001 decision to sign with the New England Redsocks. Once upon a time, becoming a traitor to the cause meant closing the book on post-career Yankeehood. Now, when a double-agent checks back into the hotel, we simply turn our head and cough.

Don't take this wrong. David Cone was a great Yankee. We'll always remember him glaring into Joe Torre's dark eyes, as the 1996 World Series seemed to be crashing down around us, and pitching out of a pivotal jam. Maybe for that alone, he deserves slack.

But when he signed with New England, he stuffed it to us. Now he's back on the payroll. Fine. A guy named Bernie Williams chose not to jump ship. Is anybody bringing him back?

Or do we just pretend it didn't happen...


Whitey Fraud said...

We can also pretend he wasn't with the mets, either.

Anonymous said...

I didn't want to mention that. I thought I'd be accused of piling on.

Anonymous said...

he also went 4-14 in 29 starts with an era of nearly 7 in his last year with the yanks... it was addition by subtraction at that point... and the fact that he somehow convinced both the sox and mets that he had something left in the tank, proves that he truly was a yankee all along... and always will be.

Anonymous said...

Cone's previous stint with YES came during the network's first season in 2002 - so Cone had already been absolved for his 2001 stint with the Sox.

The falling out came after un-retiring following 2002 and joining the Mets for a disastrous 2003 comeback.

Anonymous said...

I hadn't absolved him.

Anonymous said...

Screw you apologists!!!

Cone is a money grubbing, greedy traitor. Fink, lying snake.

Anyone who puts on a Boston uniform after the Yankee experieince is a low toady, crawling river slime rat.

Burn him in effigy.

I give him zero quarter.

A Bum. Just like Yaz ( who , after all, was from Long Island, for Pope's sake ).