Thursday, January 3, 2008

The Redsock Boob Fetish

Consider the logo on every Redsock cap:

Theoretically, the “B” stands for “Boston.”

Now take a good look. Yep: an aeiral shot of Pamela Anderson.

A pair of nippled teats.

Look closer. Yep, the nipples also point inward, creating within each “B-cup” a second pair of breasts hoisted in the opposite direction.

Obviously, the “B” stands for “Bosom,” “Breasts,” “Bra” or “Boobs.”

Long ago, Yankeeologists linked this bizarre Redsock mammary fetish to regional preferrences for clam chowder. Manhattan-style chowder uses a broth (“brother”) base, while New England chowder is based on milk.

This is why you can't reason with a Redsock fan.

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