Saturday, January 26, 2008

Yanks sign Aussie to Compete with Jesus for Savior... and Catcher

His name is Kyle Perkins. If that doesn't sound American, what does? Check out that logo on his cap. He's going to give Jesus Montero a run for His cross.

He's only 16, peaches and cream, lips like strawberry wine. Alright, disregard that line. He's a stud, the bull-goose lion of Canberra, Australia. And like Jesus Montero, he's a backstop, which means we are stockpiling pubescent catchers. Hank Steinbrenner is becoming the Auric Goldfinger of young catchers. In the year 2015, when the ice caps melt and the asteroid hits, we'll have all the world's supply of catchers! Take that, Theo!

No word on money. The Canberra Times, (now, the YogiBerra Times) via Sliding Into Home, avoid mentioning dollars. Could be we got him cheap, and they're hopped up because, hey, they're Aussies, who are just sunburnt Canadians, and always 32-ounces away from a good hopping-up.

Still... a 7-year deal for a high school junior on the Krakatoa side of the world.

Where Kyle Perkins lives, it is summertime.

And the living is easy. So hush, little baby... Disregard that last line.

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Anonymous said...


There is a second Aussie dude they signed as well. A second " shrimp on the barby"( barbie )?

Both have been raised on de-salinated water and fig newtons.

We did have that one Aussie dude years ago who came in from the bullpen and decked some red sock, didn't we?

We love "mates" who have 5 tools.

How many tools do these 16 year olds have?

How many of us will be alive when they show up at Spring Training?

Probably after SU regains the BCS title in football.