Wednesday, January 23, 2008

At this rate, Jacoby Ellsbury will soon be too famous for one planet

See for yourself. This this the Google Trend chart, indicating global interest in the rising Redsock superstar, based on Internet searches.
The box marked "A" stands for the day Ellsbury was drafted.
"B" signifies his signing with the Redsocks.
"C" was his first sports profile.
"D" was being Eastern League Player of the Month.
"E" is the recent World Series.
"F" is his trade rumors for Johan Santana.
At this rate, he going to have to move to Jupiter.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

El Duque,

Why does that spike in the graph for 2007 remind me of an extended middle finger of interest?

Anyone named Jacob should, firstly, be playing in Cleveland.

Alternatively, he should be doing reality shows about the Bible.

- Cardinal Richlieu ( all red; all the time ).

P.S. I now have available for sale ( believers only ) pointy red hats with a "B" for Boston and a "C" for you know who.

All funds will go toward the purchase of a new " green" Pope Mobile, which will be made from 100% gold, studded with diamonds and a condomized ( customized ) engine.