Thursday, January 10, 2008

Why Not Just Shoot Us Instead?

Or why don't we bring back Omar Moreno.

The Brewers face strong competition for free-agent center fielder Mike Cameron, perhaps stronger than they even imagined.

The Yankees are showing serious interest in Cameron, major-league sources say, figuring that they could trade center fielder Melky Cabrera even if they do not send him to the Twins for left-hander Johan Santana.

According to the story, A-Rod -- the noted talent scout -- wants us to sign Cameron. This guy couldn't hit a fastball from Cameron Diaz. He's 35, going on Lipitor. He'll miss the first 25 games due to a drug suspension. And get this: HE WANTS A TWO-YEAR DEAL.

Please, Stubby, God, Allah, George, anybody... DO NOT DO THIS!

[PS: I just went onto Baseball Reference. At their current ages, Mike Cameron equates to Ron Gant and Ray Lankford. Melky Cabrera equates to Sixto Lexcano and Roberto Clemente.]

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BernBabyBern said...

Good news, bad news.

Good news: We dodged a bullet. Apparently Cameron has signed with the Brewers.

Bad news: You gave Hank an idea. He's now trying to sign Sixto Lezcano.