Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Around The Interhorn

Eephus Pitch put together a nice introduction to LaTroy Hawkins:

I confess I had completely forgotten this, but Hawkins was the losing pitcher when David Wells threw his perfect game in 1998. I'm predisposed to like him, because remember that crazy rainstorm last summer in Colorado, when the Phillies endearingly ran out to help the grounds crew with the tarp? Well, the Rockies didn't exactly distinguish themselves there, as just one single home team player offered assistance -- and that was, of course, LaTroy Hawkins.
Umpbump brings word of the first Manny eruption of 2008:
Training in Tempe, Arizona this offseason, Manny Ramirez is conveniently located for this weekend’s Super Bowl in Glendale. But he’s not going to just take the day off, no sir. According to WZLX in Boston, his agent is calling around town to the various Patriots bars in the area, asking them if they’d like to have the 2004 World Series MVP drop by during the game.

For $10,000.
Phil Hughes isn't going anywhere, which is a relief, but he hasn't updated his blog in four days, replacing one anxiety with another.

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BernBabyBern said...


Phil Hughes is OK. Repeat. PHIL HUGHES IS OK.

He hadn't posted in his blog because he was was getting new flooring and the Internet at his house was down.

Thank God! The entire Yankee universe breathes a sigh of relief.