Tuesday, January 15, 2008

The Search for Clemens' Smoking Bun

In the beanball war between Roger Clemens and ex-trainer Brian McNamee, one pivotal question has emerged:

Did the former future first-ballot Hall of Famer develop an abscess on his butt, as McNamee claims, due to repeated needle pokes full of steroids?

Frankly, nobody wanted this.
In fact, we urge you to send children out of the computer room before scrolling down.
No, it's not indecent. We just feel, well, unclean.

But we at IT IS HIGH cannot suspend our neverending quest for truth simply because it makes our chair cushions feel lumpen. We long ago took on the steel cage responsibility of examining each and every hard, cruel fact. We modeled this site after the PBS series "NOVA." So buck up, dammit, and take a hard, cruel look at the evidence.

Clemens game shots vs. Clemens buttocks close-ups. See any abscesses?

Eat your heart out, Mike Wallace.


Anonymous said...

No more posts about Clemen's ass. Please. I don't doubt he stuck some sort of special "Rocket Fuel" into his rump. I just don't want to see anymore closeups of his giant behind.

Anonymous said...

I agree with that islamofacist. Not interested in the Texan's tushy.