Monday, January 28, 2008

Oscar Fever: Joe Torre May Open Hollywood Acting School

On the heels of his East Coast success, Joe Torre is being urged to bring his unique acting style to Beverly Hills. Too many young actors can't pull off the big emotional scenes, and Torre, as new Dodgers manager, can show them how it's done.

Check out these stills from some of Joe's Oscar-worthy performances of the past.

As Mickey, the loveable trainer who teaches Rocky Balboa how to fight -- and live -- in "Rocky."

"Women weaken legs, ya bum. From now on, yer gonna be eatin' lightnin' and crappin' thunder! Get that chicken!"

As macho renegade Tyler Turden in "Fight Club:"

"Come on, Meatloaf. Hit me! I love the feeling! It's being alive! Stick your finger in my eye! This is great! Whoo-hoo!"

As tortured psychologist Dr. Malcolm Crowe in "The Sixth Sense:"

"Let me get this straight, kid. You see dead people, right? And you see me, right? Hmm-mm. Wait a minute! Fuck me! I'M DEAD! THAT'S WHAT EXPLAINS THIS FRICKIN MOVIE!"


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