Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Gammons: Redsocks May Deal Future Great Ellsbury for Santana, plus others.

ESPN’s all-knowing and venerable Peter Gammons is reporting that after intense soul-searching, leadership of the morally upright Redsock Nation is reconsidering its past refusal to trade 24-year-old sensation Jacoby Ellsbury to the Twins. Boston may deal the future Hall of Famer -- who clubbed 2 long home runs and batted a crisp .298 last year at Pawtucket --for a package of Johan Santana, Joe Nathan, Joe Mauer, several prospects and cash.

Gammons says Redsock management changed its view due to fears that the Yankees might obtain Santana in exchange for Philip Hughes, Ian Kennedy, Joba Chamberlain, Melky Cabrera, Jose Tabata, Chien Ming Wang, Robbie Cano and Jesus Montero. If that happened, Gammons says, it’s universally accepted that New York would be unbeatable. Yes, Gammons repeats, the Yankees would win every game, and their new general manager, Hank Steinbrenner, would be hailed as a genius by sportswriters, such as Peter Gammons.

Based on inside sources, Gammons says all of baseball fears the Yankees will not only get Santana, but will also dump that bunch of no-talents that Gammons personally guarantees won't pan out. In fact, Gammons nearly refused to write the story, fearing that it would unfairly tip off Yankee management to Boston's secret dread. Only because of his unquenchable zeal for truth-telling, no matter who gets hurt, did Gammons go public with his shocking exclusive.

Next week: Gammons and partner George Mitchell ask whether MLB should “make an example” of any one particular team, if one seems to have too many players accused of using steroids. If so, would any one team stand out?

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