Monday, January 28, 2008

Rudy the Redsock Mulling Pull-Out

The LA Times has it.

If it happens -- hell, when it happens -- let's just hope the national news media has the guts to tell the truth:

Giuliani was leading all GOP contenders in mid-October, when he suddenly -- inexplicably -- announced that he was rooting for the New England Redsocks in the World Series.

In that moment, the brilliant halo of the World Trade Center attacks suddenly turned into Manny Ramirez' bong-watery dreadlocks, and for the first time, America's Mayor found himself actually taking shit from Hillary Clinton on the subject of the Yankees. Yes, taking shit from Hillary Clinton about the Yankees.

He never got it back. Now, Joe Torre is gone, Don Mattingly is gone, and soon, so will Rudy, which is really too bad, because we'll never have a chance to see him answering questions about how he was married seven years to his second cousin. It was something to live for, like Brian Bruney's next blowup.

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