Monday, January 28, 2008

Coming Attractions!

Just got my tickets for the Yanks' Spring Training game on March 9th versus the Twins in Ft. Myers!

I'll be live-blogging from there, fans, so grab your laptop, a Ballantine, some sunflower seeds, falafel, stone crabs, Romilar, Carbona and a frosty Yoohoo and join me then.

(They have wifi there, right?)


Anonymous said...

If they don't have wi-fi, you'll have to text it on your cell phone. This is big.

We'll finally be able to see what's going on without the regular media "filter."

Anonymous said...

How do I unplug my phone from the wall? Do I need to take the rotary dial with me, too? Shoud I ask the operator to connect me?

Why do I need to be in a cell? Do I have to get arrested, too?

Anonymous said...

We'll get carrier pigeons if we have to. The truth must get out.

Anonymous said...

Would they be flying in from the Carrier Dome? If so, could they stop off in Binghamton and go to Sharky's and get us some spiedis?

We don't have 'em down here

Thanks, Ducky!