Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Damon backs Rudy: "We both know how hard it is to replace a Bernie."

Melky Remains Uncommitted

Farnsworth says He May Walk Out of Party... or Walk Entire Party

Giuliani's Fear: Gnats on Primary Day

Hillary/Obama Spar Over Possible Santana Trade

Romney Courts Rising Superstar Jacoby Ellsbury, who clubbed 2 home runs and batted .298 last year at Pawtucket.

In Probe of Clemens Buttocks, Ron Paul Urges Immediate Withdrawal

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Anonymous said...

El Duque, you're slipping. Hall of Famer in waiting Ellsbury didn't just club two home runs. He clubbed two long home runs. They were very, very long. Longer than any home run any Yankee ever hit. Longer than Mantle and Ruth combined. Long. You can't forget that.