Monday, January 28, 2008

Knobby captured!

They got him.

He would have gotten away with it, too ... if not for those meddling kids.


Anonymous said...

I bet it was a lady in red.

Anonymous said...

I think it is just great that our key leaders in Washington finally have an issue of national importance with which they can deal.

I mean, what counts more:

1. What Knobby did or did not inject into his butt 10 years ago, or

2. Any of the following:

A. Impeaching a President who lied to get us into a war that has cost thousands their lives, limbs and future?

B. A national debt in the trillions which was a positive balance only 7 years ago.

C. More than 45 million Americans without health care?

D. Bridges, roads, airports and other infastructure failing, with no funds available nationally, at the state level or locally to make them safe and usable.

E. A joke of an education system compared to other developed countries.

F. An economy in free fall.

G. A policy of torture, extreme rendition and keeping people jailed for years without recource or charges.

H. An energy policy which is spiking the price of oil to $100 per barrel, and enriching the people who hate us most.

I. A theocratic form of Government, and governance, which are both constitutional violations.

J. A system which allows CEOs to trash and burn their companies, but leave with multi-million dollar packages.

K. Scooter Libby and his reprieve.

L. A Justice Dept. that hires and fires US attorneys based upon their willingness to bring frivilous lawsuits against political opponents.

How did Senator Mitchell make out in the AHOY poll?