Sunday, January 27, 2008

Andy Petitte and Mike Mussina are statistical twins

This is scary. I just went to Baseball Reference, a really cool site with stuff on every player. It gives you statistical matches for every player, at his current age.

Bobby Abreu, at age 33, is the statistical twin of Bernie Williams, at age 33.

Even scarier: Andy Petitte and Mike Mussina are digital mirror images of each other at age 35.

Here is our current team's evil statistical twin.

Cesar Cedeno (Johnny Damon)
Roberto Alomar (Derek Jeter)
Bernie Williams (Bobby Abreu)
Ken Griffey (A-Rod)
Kevin Millar (Hideki Matsui)
Carlton Fisk (Jorge Posada)
Jim Edmunds (Jason Giambi)
Joe Mauer (Robinson Cano)
Kelly Johnson (Wilson Betemit)

Here is our pitching staff's twin.

Dick McBride (Chien-Ming Wang)
Mike Mussina (Andy Petitte)
Andy Peititte (Mike Mussina)
Not enough (Joba Chamberlain, Philip Hughes, Ian Kennedy)
Hector Carrasco (Kyle Farnsworth)
Jose Mesa (LaTroy Hawkins)
Trevor Hoffman (Mariano Rivera)


Anonymous said...

There's 4 T's in Pettitte.

Stang said...

If we're going to make el duque's spelling an issue, we'll never have time to talk about anything else.

el duque said...

Wow. That makes his alphabetical twin Wilson Bettermitt.

Anonymous said...

All I can say is Farnsworth is much better than I ever thought.

I mean : Hector Carrasco?

Are we paying Farny enough?

Isn't Jose Mesa the oldest player in history? Isn't there a " day " named after Latroy Hawkins...where the babes get to invite us out?

Kelly Johnson is another household name....was he overweight and a top prospect once?

Keep up the good work.

Next, I'd like you to equate Ben Bernanke with a Yankee.