Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Twins Looking Forward to Last 3 Days of Media Attention

Just 72 hours left of interviews, speculation, media calls and enough rollicking excitement to make tourists think they're in Milwaukee!

Then back to normal.

They could have had Phil Hughes and Melky Cabrera.

Instead, they got Gomez, Guerra, Mulvey, Humber. Dewey, Cheetham and Howe.

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Anonymous said...

El Duque,

I know this on inside information; the Daily News and the Post both planned to go with a headline this morning that read: " Mets get Santana for nothing!!"

A last minute intervention by each rag's publisher toned it down, out of respect for the families of the four "Prospects?" named in the trade.

The fact is; this is another Minnesota borne disaster. It is parallel to the Herschel Walker trade with Dallas. The Vikings thought they were getting the final link to a SuperBowl win, and gave away the store ( several first round picks,later picks, players, etc.).

Instead, Dallas won 4 of the next five. The Vikings are still waiting.

Here, the Mets get the big name dude and the Twins' future. The Twins got absolutely nothing...not even middling prospects..for their 2X Cy Young winner.

You mention Melky and Hughes....I will tell you the other mid-range prospects the Yankees were thinking of including in that package had more upside than any of the "mini four" the Mets are shipping.

Promise; you will never hear from any one of these four new Twins at the maj0r league level. The highest end prospect hit .232 in AA last year.

Humber is an 8.0 ERA if ever I have seen one...and with arm trouble, no less.

There must be something in that Minny water.

I should sell someone out there my remaining baseball cards ( from my bicycle wheel spokes ). I can position them as " mint " condition and make a fortune.

The Twins are now just another bridge that has fallen down.

But, at least, Johan isn't sitting in Boston and Phil Hughes is sitting in NYC.