Tuesday, May 27, 2008

" Even From a Porch on a Warm, Sunny Afternoon, John Sterling Can Make You Car Sick"

This pithy observation, made by silent IIH,IIF,IIc partner Phil Mushnick in today's
"Equal Time " column, came as a result of a comment made by " the Voice " of the NYY, with the Yanks down 5-2 in the eighth on Sunday.

"Derek Jeter led off with a walk, " comments Mr. Mushnick as a stage setter.

" That sent Sterling into an incredulous, obnoxious, " Why would you walk the lead-off hitter !? spew."
Phil appropriately pointed out that the likely reason was, " unintentionally."

Our brand, logo icon, and rationale for this blog ( Mr. Sterling and his famous HR calls and retractions ) is reported to be in a dither ( did Jason give him a lame thong?).

It is difficult, even for Mr. Sterling, to miss-call a base-on-balls, but his need to contribute to all on the field action is mindless....I mean endless.

Thank you Phil, for helping us recall the reason we are all here.

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