Tuesday, May 27, 2008

My Exacta and My Future

This is how I appear to you today.

As many of you sat giggling in your backyard, barbeque "staycations" this Memorial Day weekend, my exacta, my future, got blown away.

How fitting.

The Yanks scored more than 2 runs against Seattle, which blew the bet apart.

And that may "count" in Vegas, but not in my book. I mean, the IIH, IIF, IIc softball team could score 3 against Seattle.

By the way, the medications that I have been purchasing on Ebay are working really well.

I have a call in to Jason Giambi.
PS: Don't get too comfortable. I still have the 11,000 -1 shot that neither Ian nor Phil will have a W before the All Star break.

1 comment:

michael kei said...

At least you're dressing pretty stylish. As for the head? I don't know my head is there unless I look in the mirror.