Saturday, May 17, 2008

Live Blog: Pettitte again collapsing in 4th

Aging Andy is walking guys with the bases loaded, letting runs in on swinging bunts, and blowing the game for the NYY.  I guess he isn't wearing Jason's gold lame thong.

The Yanks had a slim lead after 3 innings.  Being down by a run in the 4th means the game is over.

The Yanks are 1- 21 when trailing after the 4th inning.  

As usual, the Yankee-Mets series will jump start the fading Mets, and help them re-new confidence on the way to the NL East championship.

Meanwhile, we are deeper into the cellar and closer to signing a deal with Barry Bonds.

Don't stay tuned.  Go outside.  Return at 6:00pm for the Preakness.

This Yankee flop is in the books.

It is the 1970s all over again.

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