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Friday, May 30, 2008

Crisis ...

No, we're not talking about Jason Giambi's slow metamorphosis into a porn star.

The historic F.X. Matt Brewery in Utica - brewer of Utica Club, the official beer of IIH IIF IIc - was the site of a major fire Thursday.

Officials said it's unclear when they will be able to bottle beer again.

No more Utica Club ... NOW what the hell are we going to drink?


Anonymous said...

If Scooter were alive, he would say this news takes the edge off the Yanks big win.

I'm Bill White said...

I refuse to concede that UC won't pull through this set back. In the interim, and assuming our stocks of UC run dry before they get back online, I think our only option for a stand-in is malt liquor. Preferably OE or Eagle and the Bear.

Anonymous said...

Mark these words:

UC will come back stronger than ever. Maybe Maxiumus Super Beer will return.

Anonymous said...

Sorry fellas....

This is clearly suspicious. sounds like a " family feud " insurance fire.

Let's wait to see who winds up in jail, before we send in our applications for brewmeisters.

" Utica Club. We drink all we can. The rest, we sell!!"

Famous advertising tag line created by Alphonso in late 1960's.

Anonymous said...

Thank God Genessee is still pumping out cream ales.

michael kei said...

Good lord. See, that's why I started homebrewing... Endless supply at my fingertips.

Anonymous said...


a song to hold close to your heart in these dark hours.

be strong.