Friday, May 16, 2008

"Kennedy Right on Track"


" Frankly, I was a little worried when Ian had that 2 hitter for Scranton, but my faith is renewed."

Readers will recall that,in early March, Alphonso bet his farm and future on an 11,000 - 1 shot in Vegas that neither Phil Hughes nor Ian Kennedy would have a win for the Yankees by the All Star break.

" Ian is showing the poise and consistency I was looking for, in a guy who paints the corners with an 83 mile an hour fastball, and has no reliable second pitch."

Yesterday, two casino " representatives " paid a visit to Alphonso to talk about pay-out options.

"I'm not one to count my chickens before they fly," said the over confident Alphonso, but I'm feeling really good about Ian giving up one run per inning, even when his walks are down. "

Let's get ready to party for the rest of our lives.

"And yes, I am taking my payout in Euros."


Anonymous said...


If I knew everything then that I know today, I still wouldn't have made that trade -- Hughes, Kennedy, Melky -- for Santanna.

This isn't about how many wins guys have before the all-star break.

Anonymous said...


Only you know the truth.

I didn't want the trade either. And I hope Brian can hang on through this tempest.

I am doing all I can to foster humiliation, and a return to respectability for these guys. But it isn't happening.

And if this non-trade strategy fails, I fear Ownership's wrath and involvement.

I fear we shall revert to the proven loser ways of trading prospects for old stars. More Giambi's; more Kevin Browns; more Big Units.

Last place, with those Loonies living in Tampa and watching the Rays' fan base grow, is not a comfortable spot.

If we get swept by the Mets, panic could be just around the bend.

Wailin' Suzyn said...

Did it occur to either of you gold-lame-underwear wearing hosers that the Twins might have been the party that nixed the deal -- that Cashman wasn't in the position of deciding its outcome at all?

The Twins' scouting staff is aces, and perhaps they had a better take on Hughes or Kennedy or whomever than the sportswriters.

Anonymous said...


Did somebody say something?

Strange, we were having a nice conversation, and I thought I heard something.

As I was saying, I'm still glad we didn't make that trade.

Anonymous said...


I heard a blip, but thought it was spam on my laptop. Could have been someone breaking wind in the next office.

As an aside,I haven't seen gold lame underwear on a ballpayer since " Cage Aux Folles."

That kind of extravagance was commonplace during the dot com bubble.

Wailin' Suzyn said...

Ha. Ha.

So funny I forgot to laugh.