Thursday, May 22, 2008

Start spreadin' the news: We are nearing our 100,000th unique visitor

And readers of this blog are seriously, without question, unique.

We stand at 95,600 visitors and counting. In the next few days, we'll hit 100,000.

Hopefully, by then, Ian Kennedy will have a win.

On June 14, we will celebrate our first anniversary as a web site.

By then, no matter what Alphonso says, we predict THE NEW YORK YANKEES WILL BE BACK IN THE RACE.

Let's start the celebration.
Should we hire a skywriter to tout our future catcher?

Crop circles to promote our upcoming "Hello Kitty" line of IT IS HIGH accessories?

A-list celebrity personal appearances?

A cheap publicity stunt?

Go out on tour?

Maybe we should make amends with the good people of Boston.

Folks... there's 100,000 of you, each one unique.

Yes, you're quite ill. And yes, your heart is aching.

But you are not alone.

It'll soon be Baby's 1st Birthday, the first 100,000 served.

What should we do?


Bostowned said...

Post a collaboration of funny pics showing different Yankee players celebrating as if they are there just for your 100k-th celebration. Haha.

Wailin' Suzyn said...

Let's walk off the court as champions and become mysterious recluses.

Anonymous said...

Have Sparky Lyle sit naked in the birthday cake.

Anonymous said...

Find a bar that is equi-distant to all IIH IIF IIc members, founders, contributors, readers, guests and loonies ( except no Boston people are allowed ), and have a party.

Everyone will get there on green power ( i.e cross country sikis, hiking or horseback ).

I'll arrange for the gourmet eats; Pickled eggs, slim jims and beer.

Then, issue a prospectus and allocate IPO shares.

Party favors will be signed copies of golden lame thongs worn by the Rockettes at the Xmas show
( thanks, anyway, Jason ).

Play Yankee tapes from the 1949 world series ( I think that is the last time we won ).

Just a thought.

Anonymous said...

Dr. Duque,

Just a side note; we will have our 100,000th unique visitor before Ian Kennedy gets his first win.

He is not to get that before the All Star break, remember?????

michael kei said...

Man, there had better be some Utica Club at the party. Or I'll eat loads of slim jims and vomit something fierce.

Anonymous said...

If it's going to be at an equidistant location, I suggest the JLA satellite.

Tom can set it up. He knows Snapper Carr personally, I heard.