Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Chance of a Lifetime......sign up today


Giddy with confidence that his 11,000 - 1 bet is "coming home to Poppa" ( newcomers to IIH IIF IIc are reminded that Alphonso took these odds in Vegas, pre-season, that neither Ian nor Phil would have a NYY win by the all star break ), Alphonso is doubling down on a second long shot;

The Yankees will not score more than two runs in any game all year, from this point forward.

This opportunity for untold riches closes tonight at midnight. All indications of interest should be filed under
the " comment" section of this posting.
Confidentiality, in most, cases is assured.

At post-time, the odds are 403,000 t0 1, with $250 as the minimum bet.

Mega-million odds are 11 million to won, so this is your shot.


Anonymous said...

How do I get a piece of your next bet?

Anonymous said...


Your credit is good. I'll mark you down for $250.

The 2 run run resumes tonight.