Thursday, May 22, 2008

California official "disgrace:" He claimed to be former Redsock

From the San Gabriel Valley Tribune, a truly horrifying story.

WARNING: Do not read any further if you have high blood pressure, hammerhead toes or any sense of decency. This will upset you. (Especially you, Mr. Steinbrenner.)

CLAREMONT -- A local water representative Wednesday called for the resignation of Director Xavier Alvarez, who has pleaded guilty to falsely claiming he won the Medal of Honor. At a meeting of the Three Valleys Municipal Water District, Director Brian Bowcock called Alvarez a "disgrace," read from a lengthy list of what he called Alvarez's lies and urged him to have the "decency to resign your position."

Bowcock goes on to call Alvarez "a disgrace to the district, a disgrace to south Pomona and a disgrace to the Latino people of the community."
The story lists the alleged false claims told by Alvarez, compiled by Bowcock, as:

Played for the New York Islanders
Wife a Latina starlet
Cal Poly Pomona graduate
Registered civil engineer
In the Marines for 25 years
Medal of Honor
Shot 16 times
Served in Vietnam
Played for the Boston Red Sox

This guy doesn't need to resign. He just needs to be around a bunch of fellow Redsock fans. Hell, they all claim to have won Medal of Honors. They all got shot in Vietnam. They've all suffered. Just ask them.

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