Saturday, May 24, 2008

Yanks Running Crafty Gambling Sting on Visiting Teams

Daily Backpage has the scoop, pushing it into Day II.

The nut of it (Keep in mind, this is the Visitor Clubhouse):

Hanging on a back wall, beyond the lockers and just above a tiny dining table where players chow down on a snack before the game, is a sports ticker
with gambling lines, one after the other, on everything from the
NBA's Eastern Conference finals, Sunday's Indy 500 and - perhaps most surprisingly - MLB games.

So, with the Orioles and Yanks set to take the field in a matter of hours, the digital ticker scrolling just above the players' heads reads, "Baltimore (-155) at New York

We say, Brilliant. Redford and Newman at their best!

Dangle the candy, and let the mark bite down.

Consider this possibility...

Sixth inning. One man on. Close game. On the screen in the Mariners clubhouse comes this message…


In the Mariner dugout, there’s a commotion. Out steps Miggy.

“Yo, Skip!" he says. "It’s 5,000 to one that he’s not running. We got bets says he does. You wanna slice?”


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