Saturday, May 17, 2008

Yankee Humiliating Defeat Quiz

1. Kyle Farnsworth had a tough...
a) Outing.
b) Childhood.
c) Inning-ending stroll to the dugout.

2) Derek Jeter lost a popup in the...
a) Sun.
b) Keister.
c) Maxim 100.

3) In his last five starts, Andy Pettitte has been...
a) 0-4.
b) Andy Hawkins.
c) Satanic.

4) Johnny Damon got thrown out...
a) At home.
b) From his home.
c) With the bathwater.

5. Bobby Abreu delivered a meaningless...
a) Home run.
b) Telegram.
c) Quiz question on the Yankee Humiliating Defeat.

6. Andy Pettitte's first seven pitches were...
a) Strikes.
b) Sexy.
c) Satanic.

7. Jason Giambi whacked...
a) A big home run.
b) A big single.
c) Sorry, we know what you're thinking, but we're not going there.

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