Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Support Our Troops: Wear the Golden Thong


Desperate times require desperate underwear.

Unless we act now, the final sounds of Yankee Stadium will be the cackle of Redsock fans wondering where they pahhhked theah cahhhhhs.

This must not happen on our watch.

As an remedy, Jason Giambi has returned from distant volcanos to render unto Yankumanity the legendary torturewear known as The Golden Thong. The Yankees shall be wearing theirs... snugly, tightly, crimping-up in places that Orioles and Blue Jays dare not imagine.

They need our support.

Today, we at IT IS HIGH are calling for...


A roots movement within the Yankee Blogiverse to support our troops, each of us by donning The Golden Thong.

I have one on now. It's fine. Maybe a tad tight. A bit of a chafe. Not fun when you cough. But, owwww, goddammit!, jeez, it makes you want to win a ball game!

Says Operation: Separation Poster Child Johnny Damon:

"You'll feel it when you hit. You'll feel it when you sit. Be a pinch hitter and join the Golden Thong Patrol!"

Boys, Girls, Moms, Dads, Men, Women, Children of all ages...

'Tis time to stand up and be crimped! Join Operation: Separation.

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