Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Who's Wearing a Gold Thong Tonight? Hugo Chavez!

Sez in the Boston Globe, Venezuelan bigwig Hugo Chavez -- Mr. Marxist -- roots for the most capitalistic team on the planet:

"The American Society of Newspaper Editors... saw a president who was both jocular and jousting, who would talk at length about his passion for baseball (he's a Yankees man, he told one editor), his history of blunt anti-American rhetoric (no offense, please)..."

We say: Attaboy, Hugo!

All that time he was shouting "Yanqui go home!" he was calling for an RBI.

At the United Nations, when he mentioned the stench of sulfur, he wasn't referring to George Bush -- but a Yank loss the previous night!

Welcome aboard, Mr. Presidente! How about sending up some oil to fuel the ballclub!

Think of it this way: We'd rather have Hugo than Lugo.

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Anonymous said...

Dear Mr. Duque,

I think you need to revisit your spanish language skills. Something got lost in translation.

Alphonso tells me that King Chavez was, in fact, referring to President Bush with the "sulpher" comment.

For sure.