Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Trading Whiz Cashman Outwits Scranton in A-Rod/Britton Swap

BREAKING: The Yanks today obtained Alex Rodriguez from Scranton in a straight up, one-on-one swap that should silence, once and for all, any critics of GM Brian Cashman.

The Yanks seemed to steal A-Rod in exchange for middle innings reliever Chris Britton, a deal so lopsided that some called observers into question the leadership of the Triple A Scranton club.

Others called the trade a typical salary dump, a small market team yielding to the Yanks' superior money. A few stressed that Britton could turn into a solid pitcher for Scranton, giving them the upper hand, if A-Rod fails to perform.

Either way, those who claimed Cashman received little or nothing for Randy Johnson, Gary Sheffield, Tony Womack et al. will have to give him credit for this steal. Looks like he's got Scranton's number! What's next? Trenton on the honker?

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