Tuesday, May 27, 2008

100,000th Unique Visitor Seen Fleeing Scene

A strangely robed man, wearing a pointy hat, was seen leaving a public blog cafe in the still snow bound mountains of Italy at 12:06 est today.

According to eyewitnesses, this international figure was watching the latest "movie " posting on the IIH, IIF, IIc Yankee blog, and hoping to win the prize of a week's vacation in Scranton ( tickets to the games, not included ), and attend the planned summer pigout fest and balloon twisting contest.

A lucky civilian took this picture of the publicity shy fan fleeing the area, and sent it to our editorial staff by JPG.

The secure, armored, and mileage efficient mogul mobile, pictured above, then drove straight into the trees ( at right ) and disappeared.

There was no sound. No crash. No smoke.

Our official blog counter, and auditors from Price Waterhouse Coopers, have yet to confirm that this is the real thing.

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