Sunday, May 18, 2008

Spahn and Sain

Remember the old baseball bromide...."Spahn and Sain.....and pray for rain?"

Hopefully, tonight's Yankee attempt to re-invigorate the Mets will be called on account of rain.

In game one, we brought Reyes out of his funk; David Wright out of his slump; gave Johan another nationally televised win against the Yankees ; quieted the talk about the job Willie is doing; re-inforced Billy Wagner's big talk; helped several other Mets with a burst of confidence......on and on it goes.

As for the Yankees, we get thrown out at the plate; thrown out at second, trying to make a double out of nothing; trashed with back-to-back HRs from the new found Farnsy; cost Andy his 4th or 5th straight loss ( get some juice, Andy); gave new vigor to Hank's wrath in the non-trade for Johan; and watched our AAA guys go hitless.

But Edwar was good, right?

  This Mets debacle is like giving the Red Sox a 4 game sweep against us at the stadium, after 14 consecutive losses and locker room fights in Fenway.  Do we really have to endure Chin Ming giving up one run in 7 innings and losing again?

If it gets played, we get flayed.  Let's all wear golden lame thongs.

On second thought, just pray for rain.

And bet on Big Brown to win in three weeks.

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