Thursday, May 15, 2008

We're living in Bizarro Yankee world

Pettitte gets slapped around by the Rays; Mussina is lights-out.

We're in last place, and the Dev ... excuse me, the Rays ... are in first.

Kennedy and Hughes have been disasters; Rasner looks like Cy Young.

Jeter can't get a clutch base hit; Farnsy has been mostly reliable (and even dusted Manny).

The Rays are in FIRST PLACE.

Posada, who had NEVER been on the DL in his entire career, is hurt.

Cano spends almost two months below the Mendoza line.

... did I mention the freakin' Rays are in first place?

Igawa pitches and gets hammered ... well, at least some things never change.

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