Sunday, May 25, 2008

Giambi: "My Right Foot" Among Four Washed Ashore in Canada

A teary eyed Jason Giambi confronted reporters today with the news that his right foot is among four severed limbs that have washed ashore in British Columbia.

Giambi said he "can't say for sure" when the foot was cut from his body, but he assumes it was during a west coast road trip, possibly in Seattle.

"All I know is, I woke up one morning and went out to the park to warm up, and it was a hell of a lot harder to run the bases. I said to myself, 'Jesus, I feel like I'm running with a piano on my back.' So I waved Gene Monahan over and told him that I felt some weakness in my foot and he said, 'Jason, you have no foot. It's gone.'" I was really shocked, but he was right. Where my right foot used to be, there was nothing. Nothing."

Right foot or not, Giambi is hitting .333 in May.

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