Thursday, May 22, 2008

Jeet now two babes up on Mayer in bagging the Maxim 100

Page 6 of Rupert Murdoch's JETER NEWS & WORLD REPORT says the Captain's Log has a brand new entry.

Minka Kelly -- the 27 year old once-abandoned daughter of an Aerosmith guitarist nobody remembers, who on "Friday Night Lights" plays the kind of high school hottie than had us clapping erasors against our forehead back in math class -- is supposedly hoping to convert her fine strike zone into a World Series ring.

Gooooooooooooooo, Derek! Score, Cappy, score!

Last we knew, our boy was tagging No. 6 on his personal quest, to conquer the entire Maxim Hot 100. He's now pulled two gams ahead of John Mayer, and Mayer -- like Jose Molina -- hasn't had a decent hit since 2006.

To see Jeet work is like watching a sherpa climb the seven peaks, or Rosie O'Donnell clean out every fastfood joint in Terra Haute. This is like an Agatha Christie novel, retrofitted by Jacquiline Suzanne. One vs. 100.

This whole Yankee season is going down the tubes, but Jeet is having a career year.

Take that, Redsock fans.

And all you true-blue Tampa Bay Rays, take a good gander at the happy cheerleader above, and tell us once again how you'll never, never, under any circumstances, join the hated Yankees.

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Anonymous said...

Very sexist. I'm telling Meg.