Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Somebody's got to do it....

Someone has got to tell it like it is and, hopefully, clean up this Yankee mess.
I guess it will have to be me.

Here are a few recent " Yankee leave behinds," before I head on down to South Mexico to assist Chris Britton with his "re-introduction" to Independent league baseball.

My notes:

1. Our work is done. We rehabilitated the NY Mets franchise and set the stage for their run to the World Series.

2. The Yankee AAA position player closest to the major league level is former Attorney General, Alberto Gonzales. He is known for his great defense.

After imitating Alex Rodriguez's slick skills in mismanaging pop-ups along the 3rd base line, AG has focused on not hitting singles. His average has dropped from .300 to .237, which is about his career average in AAA. These skills are what kept him out of the Johan Santana talks earlier in the pre-season. With Arod returning, AG is only a few at bats away from our under .200 honor roll, and a free ticket back to downtown Scranton.

3. The gold lame thing thing isn't working. So what comes out next from the Yankee's magical clubhouse?

4. Who wants to tell me that Mr.Torre didn't see this coming ?

5. The IIH IIF IIc blog got a huge bonus on Saturday during the Mets-Yanks game. John Sterling gave one of his famous , " in baseball, ya just never know," speeches. Phil Mushnik wrote about Mr. Sterling the next day, " If ya never know , why do his home run calls serve as preface to foul balls, balls off the wall, and balls caught for outs."

Subconsiously, Phil was referring to the birth and rationale for this very blog.

6. So now the Red sox pitchers are doing what Cone and Wells used to do. Lester twirls a no-no; Dice K is 7-0; Kei Igawa is eating sushi and raw eggs.

7. Ian K comes back tonight for another walkfest and home run derby. It has been a long time since Baltimore was a contender. Let's see what we can do to help them along.

8. Savior Arod returns to the lineup, batting .146 with runners in scoring position. No wonder all the NY Sportswriters feel that the Yanks have their mojo back.

9. Phil Hughes is starting to look more and more comfortable on the Yankee bench, no?

P.S. For any investors out there, I'm working on a new line of postage stamps with tequila as the glue.
Adios, amigos.

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